I conceived this phrase, “Creating Natural Habitats for Responsible Outdoor Living“, to declare my commitment of responsible stewardship of our natural environment through professional business practices. Although I am but one individual, I do believe I can affect a positive influence on many through well planned ecological landscape design. Terms such as Ecology, Environmental and Naturalistic conjure up thoughts of settings that are wild, disorganized and random. This is a misconception when applied to the built landscape environment.

I employ proven practices, many of them historic and still applicable today, together with new organic based products and less disruptive techniques to literally create the groundwork for a responsibly built landscape. Site specific plant selections are made based on topography, soil, light, air and water. The ability for selected varieties to become a compatible plant community beneficial to each other and supportive of desired wildlife is paramount.

Although we sometimes seem to forget it, humans are part of nature. Much of our history has been spent living out-of-doors. My goal is to create an environment that beckons you to embrace your personal natural surroundings and feel satisfaction from how you have chosen to achieve your goal.