I have been an active member of, what I like to call, the “Original Green Industry,” in the Atlanta area since 1972. My career as a Landscape Designer has since evolved. As a business owner I have provided services in the fields of Commercial and Residential landscape design, installation, and maintenance. During the 1990’s, a venture into establishing a Specialty Plant Nursery proved to be a critical turning point in developing my signature style of Conservation Landscape Design. It was during this period, through the use of Native and Heirloom type plants, that I solidified my reputation as a leader in “Creating Natural Habitats for Responsible Outdoor Living.” I actively promote and adhere to the principles of Sustainable Landscape Installation Practices and remain focused on providing Environmentally Conscious Residential Landscape Design, Installation, and Consultation Services in the Atlanta area.

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“Creating Natural Habitats for Responsible Outdoor Living”