Welcome to the Aaron Garden which was begun in 2003. I conceived the design after an in depth review of the clients objectives. They have always been very gracious with their trust of my vision for their 2 acre site.The creative freedom they have afforded me throughout the years has been unparalleled. We initially removed a swimming pool in the back yard to create an intimate lawn area.Then Outdoor Living Spaces and Water Features were created by removing numerous rotting timber walls and existing plant material that had exceeded it’s aesthetic life. Natural Stone Features adorn the property at all levels of the ever changing topography. A gently meandering system of Stone Staircases, a Rustic Bridge, Craftsman Style Arbor Entry and Woodland Trails serves to seamlessly guide you throughout the property.The Garden contains numerous plant varieties that are difficult to find and some are considered rare. The main goal was to make this a functional garden paradise. It is set up for quiet home life and occasional entertaining. This garden is lovingly cared for through the homeowners personal dedication and labor which is supported by outside contractors. It remains my great joy and privilege to still be connected with the Aaron’s and their desire to occasionally further enhance their personal Garden Paradise.